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Netgear 3100 Cable Modem Strange VPN / Remote Desktop Connection Error

Howdy all


Issue 1 - Remote Desktop


I have recently signed up for Telstra Cable and have problems dialling into work from my home office through remote desktop connection and SonicWall Global VPN Client.


I have a home network and have hard-wired ethernet connections to computers throughout the premises.  When I have the PC plugged into the internet via Ethernet, the computer will not connect to my work through remote desktop connection, although it DOES connect properly via SonicWall first.  Internet works fine but no joy dialling into work.


However, when I manually connect to the same modem router wirelessly remote desktop works fine and I can log into work, albeit at slower speeds than an ethernet connection. 


I have tried to eliminate wiring issues by plugging a laptop directly into the modem with a working ethernet cable and received the same issue with remote desktop connection.


Issue 2 - Wireless Internet Connection Speed


Even though I'm getting about 70-80mbps connection speed through the Ethernet, I cannot get more than 30mbps when connected to this modem router wirelessly, even if the device is physically less than 10 cm from the modem.  Is there a ceiling on wireless speed from the modem end?  Can I update firmware or tweak settings to fix this?



PS:  Please reply in simple speak I am not a technician but a frustrated person who works 80 plus hours per week and who needs a speedy and reliable ETHERNET connection to work.

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Technical Support
Technical Support

Re: Netgear 3100 Cable Modem Strange VPN / Remote Desktop Connection Error

Hi Germman,

Unfortunately we don't provide technical support for VPN, so I would definitely refer you to Netgear and your work IT group who manage the VPN.

For your second issue of the wireless speed, this is dependant upon a couple of factors which I will discuss below:


1. Wireless Network Standards
Wireless standards have improved over the years, going from B to G and now N.

The theoretical maximum speed that G rated wireless devices are capable of is 54 Mbit/s where as the N rated wireless devices are capable of up to 600 Mbit/s.

The Netgear CG3100v2 is capable of up to 400 Mbit/s. As you are aware the current maximum speed available to our Cable customers is 100 Mbit/s, so these modems should be more than capable of supplying you with the maximum speed available.

The Netgear CG3100v2 can operate on B/G/N wireless networks, however, if the WiFi device attached to your computer is a G rated device, then the maximum speed you could experience is the 54 Mbit/s.


2. Wireless Interference.

There are other causes of interference such as dense objects (fridges, double brick walls, large fish tanks etc), and interference from devices such as cordless base stations, microwaves and baby monitors.

As WiFi can be affected by other wireless devices, changing the WiFi channel may improve your signal strength and therefore your speed.


- To access the modem user interface, type in the address field of the browser. If this doesn't work try

- A login screen will then appear. The default login settings are User ID: admin Password: password or admin

- Select the the Wireless Settings from the left hand menu.

- From here you can change the channel from Auto to the channel of your choice. Typically we prefer to try 1, 6, 11 or 13, though other channels may work as well.

- Click on Apply to save the changes.


In short to achieve the best speed via WiFi, check that your WiFi adapter is capable of the N wireless standard, and try to change the channels in the modem. In some cases moving the modem to a higher location or around other objects may also be of assistance.


I hope this answers your question.

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