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New Cable Activation

More than a week into my new cable broadband and im still not on the internet. 60minutes on hold last night before getting through for the support people to do nothing. “I will get the activation team to ring you tomorrow” i informed them i would be in work and it was pointless ringing, but ring they did! funny enough they couldnt do anything unless i wax home in front of my computer?!? anyway, they made a note to ring at 6pm tonight when i arrived home and its now 6.57pm and i havent heard from them! what is my position to now to cancel my contract with telstra as they have not provided me with a working internet connection.

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: New Cable Activation

You would likely need to lodge a complaint and if they were unable to resolve it, typically it would need to go through that before you would have them agree to waive any applicable termination fees on a contract. Honestly, though it depends on what the issue is with the activation... I would suggest to call 132200 and say "activation" and see if they can do it for you since it is a more suitable time, failing that the complaint process is detailed here:
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