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No NBN connection since storm

I have FTTN so copper line to my house.

A storm on Tuesday night appears to have fried my modem. The wifi works but all the ethernet ports and the NBN port connection are dead. 

I put in a new modem and connected it up (Fritzbox - lots of good logging). I now have ethernet but still no DSL connection (I know this modem works fine as I have used it on this line previously). Running a line test it reports that there is a cable problem in the first 20 metres from my connection . I changed the cable from modem to the wall connection - still reports the same problem. My guess is that there is now an issue with the copper line somewhere. Adding to this there was a scheduled NBN outage in my area last night 12am-6am so Telstra is reporting that there is an area outage (my neighbours connection also through Bigpond is fine) and so I can't even get past the first support screens to log a support ticket :-(

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