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No Telstra employee knows NBN remote activation it seems like

 I had exactly the same issue as back in Feb and went with another provider. (1-1927454175318)


Then I decide to try Telstra again, the history repeats itself. - Telstra booked a tech visit for perfectly working service.


When I ringed them up and asked for remote activation, the answer is pretty much:

1. we need to follow the procedure

2. there's no way we can make it faster than tech visit

3. there's no such thing as remote activation


Tried a few phone calls but no luck, I even once had to argue with a guy what is remote activation and how it works like for 30 minutes. 


I think whatever Telstra does with their overseas customer care folks is seriously wrong. 

(Vodafone NBN does have overseas customer care and they had absolutely no issue with remote activation)

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Re: No Telstra employee knows NBN remote activation it seems like

Turns out the team has NBN portal access for activation only works for 9 to 5. So if you call A/H, you gonna get a team only can read off from the screen.


When I called during business hour and asked for remote activation, I finally got someone who knows what it is about and asked for NTD serial no and MAC address. Then it turns out my order(1-2141424542865) has been placed as a 2nd connection to my house and that's the reason why they are sending a tech. Despite I repetitively told them I want a service churn. (Besides, how many people gets 2nd internet connection for home broadband?)


Then I was told the order need to be cancelled and resubmitted as they can't amend it - Which is where all pain points started back in Feb so I just simply asked to cancel and decided to go somewhere else this time again.


Dr;tl: if you are reading this for unnecessary tech visit for service churn and/or remote activation. I suggest drop Telstra asap and go somewhere else. Don't hold your breath and expect Telstra work promptly. 

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Re: No Telstra employee knows NBN remote activation it seems like

I hear that. We bought TVoice 503 and when it didn't work like instructions said, we rang them up. Without asking they changed our connection to voice only with nbn co. Now we only have 4g backup (45 days of 4g backup) . Telstra unwilling to call nbn co back to change our connection to internet and voice. As we were no longer under contract we left and went to another ISP. My partner and I had been with Telstra for 25 years each and it's over because they wouldn't /couldn't listen.

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