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Outage Telstra Fixed Wireless NBN Finley NSW 2713

Fixed Wireless NBN Finley NSW 2713


Our phone and internet keeps going down. Twice I have driven down to the NBN Tower. Twice I have observed workers up top changing over antennas. Then, when the internet and phone comes back, I jump on the telstra website and it says there is nothing wrong with my phone and internet and same goes for my whole area.


There are actually two different pages with telstra to check for outages. one checks your area, the other check your address. I checked both. I took screen shots of both. Did I mention I video'd approx 15 minutes of the NBN Workers activety's? It would seem that Telstra is now Deliberately Covering up work now? Corporate greed I suppose. I assume they are doing this because I think they are supposed to compensate us for this kind of downtime. they dont wanna. Aside from these Interruptions the Internet works pretty much flawlessly. Good latency and I pay for 50mbps and I get around 45. Compared to the old ADSL2 where I paid for 25Mbps and was only getting 12 to 14Mbps with less than 1 mbps upload speed lol. (I get 15mbps up now).


Anyway, There has been no warning of these outages, and they last from 1 hour to 8 hours and have occurred approx more than 12 times over the past 3 weeks. with one week in the middle of no interruptions at all. So there is clearly something going on, but telstra are either not being told by NBN or Telstra is flat out lying to avoid paying compensation. However, I was not interested in compensation, I was only interested in knowing when my internet will be down and when it will resume. Since I am never going to know that, I WILL be seeking compensation for every fricken min ute iot was down. Should telstra gove me even the slightest bit of griefe I wil Be Self Churning onto another company and lodging my evidence in a report to my local members and the ombudsman. Coz the NBN has anough issues without ISP's adding to the chaos by being devious and money hungry corporate Pigs.


Nothing against Telstras lower end staff. but the Executive level and above can Go **** them selves, seriously, you people are surely evil, shareholders not much better for condoning their behavior.


I even tried to look on other companies pages (who I am NOt with) and I thought wow, why cant telstra or even better the NBN list all the scheduled stuff. Coz even if my case began with "Unscheduled" Maintenance, surely the subsequent outages were planned. It couldn't possibly be that the internet went down every single day for a week without anyone at all knowing about it. I mean surely the workers had a rough idea how long it was going to take.


Next time, I will try to speak to the workers and see if they can tell me anything. Things are a little different here. I understand you may not get any information from a worker in the city. but out here deep in the country, people are a little friendly. they are more likely to have more respect for you than thei greedy corporate over lords. I mean a few years back I got some pretty cool info from a telstra worker while he was working in a pit out the front of my house once. He told me things that I wouldn't have thought he would be allowed to tell people. like the true state of the copper network in our town, and how it will never be fixed because it basically needed a full replacement. My pit was a disgusting mess, but he said that it was actually one of the better pits. That dropped my jaw, coz my pit was full of mud, and the only thing protecting the little terminals in there was electrical tape. So, im really hoping to get the inside scoop from the horses mouth. Yeh, im annoyed and frustrated with telstra and the NBN.


Dont even get me started on the pre paid mobile costs and restrictions. My dislike for the corporate giants is sinking to new lows.


So to all NBN Customers experiencing similar issues to me, where telstra denies anything is wrong with area, grab a video camera with a good zoom lens. Google for a map of NBN Towers. you can even get an overlay of them for google earth. Then go to your NBN Tower and see if there are workers there. Take screenshots of anything the telstra page says. Log all downtime to notepad or use pen and paper. Compile all this into a report for the ombudsman and sen that report to them as well as your local member. Also, make sure you get your compensation, its the only way to make these low life's listen. they prolly dont even know they have a problem. they dont listen and they dont care unless they are loosing money. then they will do the bare minimum to try and get you off their backs. DONT LET EM GET AWAY WITH IT!!!


I dont understand why they d ont try to buy loyalty anymore. its like Loyalty is no longer a priority. I say that because there is no faster way to destroy customer loyalty than by lying or not being forthcoming with relevant information. I call it lying because its a form of deception what Telstra is doing. In my Book deception and lying are just synonyms of each other. Rant Complete!

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Re: Outage Telstra Fixed Wireless NBN Finley NSW 2713

the RSPs aren’t always notified. I know previously there has been many cases where nbn techs had gone to a site to fix one connection and managed to break something else, when this happens if it is a relatively quick fix they will just fix it without telling the RSPs.

Sometimes the first an RSP will be aware of when they are advised by their customers.

I would say if you spoke to billing that they will typically happily just credit you the downtime, and honestly, in most cases if you go to the ombusdman they just send you back to the RSP to lodge an official complaint anyway.

As an example, we had an outage couple weeks back. We have FTTP with two connections, one for home usage and one for business purposes, and both went down, I called both providers and neither had any knowledge... I saw a tech so I asked and he said that they were doing a system upgrade that wasn’t meant to cause any outage but it triggered an issue. Obv. Nbnco would have known about that planned upgrade but apparently neither of the RSP were told.
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Re: Outage Telstra Fixed Wireless NBN Finley NSW 2713

I like the part at the beginning where the OP says "when the internet and phone comes back, I jump on the telstra website and it says there is nothing wrong with my phone and internet".

Yep, that's what it should say at that point as there isn't anything wrong anymore.

But it's a very nice rant that completely misses the point. The problem is with NBN Co not providing information to the RSPs. It doesn't matter which RSP you are with, it is the same situation. So if you churn to a different provider, you haven't really accomplished anything other than potentially leaving yourself having to cover Early Termination Charges if you are still under contract.
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