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‘’Overdue Bill’’


Hoping that posting to a public forum might actually get something done about the atrocious customer service I have received over the last 6 months from Telstra. 

Being now 6 months without internet access I will not be paying my new bill of $94. Nor will I be paying the $188.26 that is ‘overdue’. Why would I pay for a service that I have not received?

I have spent countless hours on the phone to an uncountable number of Telstra employees. All of which have assured me at the end of the phone call that my requests have been fulfilled. Surely there’s pages and pages of ‘notes’ on my file with details of what has gone on for the last 6 months. So please feel free to look through those for further detail... 


Honestly I’m ready to wipe my hands of Telstra. I am beyond exhausted of trying to explain that the property I live at STILL DOES NOT HAVE INTERNET ACCESS.


All I want now is to have my plan cancelled. The ‘overdue’ amounts waived. With confirmation of the same in writing. 

(Please note, I have been assured on many occasions that this has been taken care of already. Yet I continue to receive bill after bill with ‘overdue’ amounts still appearing. Please refer to my notes on my file). 

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: ‘’Overdue Bill’’

Nobody on this forum can check the notes on your file. Not even the Telstra staff, due to privacy requirements.


Have you lodged a formal complaint via ?


If you already have, you can post the reference number here and one of the staff can send a message to your complaints manager to get back in contact with you.


If the complaints manager can't resolve the problem, the next step would be to lodge a complaint via the ombudsman at (you need to follow through the Telstra complaints process first though, otherwise the ombudsman generally won't open a case).

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