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Poor service as usual

I have been with Telstra for as long as I have been old enough to have a service, I am now 50 so it has been a long long time, that time ends soon. The way you treat customers is horrific at best and disgusting is probably the better word, I am sure you are used to customer rants, but do you ever stop to think sometimes they are warranted? I can go to my inbox and see countless emails from you guys telling me I am in credit on my account and do not need to pay, I have that many I gave up trying to count them, yet the one time I get behind you cut my service. My bills for my 3 phones, nbn and foxtel through telstra comes to around $450 a month, now for years I was paid weekly and would simply pay you guys $100 a week, that meant some months I was paying $500 and that got me so far in front, a few months back I was retrenched so I did not pay one month as I was so far in front, then I started to pay fortnightly as I am now paid fortnightly, I did not realize paying $200 a fortnight was not the same as a $100 a week and of course after a few months I got myself $116 dollars behind. Obviously that is not a huge amount of money but behind all the same. On the 13th I notice my nbn was slow, I did not pay to much attention to it because to be honest I live in an area that your nbn service is on a good day. CRAP. I get a lot of drop outs, time outs, dropped back to backup mode, happens all the time. Anyway, later that day I got sick of it and decided to try and check what was going on, I managed to load the telstra website after about 10 minutes and checked outages, no outages in my area it said, well I thought something else must be wrong, I could not do much else because the service was so slow loading websites was to hard. I switched to my phone and logging into the 24x7 app saw a notice saying you had shaped my service because I owed $116.49... So I paid it, reported the payment using the app and waited. Some time later still slow service I thought maybe I should just pay again that way ill get back to being in credit, I paid another $100. Later that night the service was still slow, I managed to contact you via the online chat which took ages to load, puzzles me why you cannot shape all inbound or outbound traffic excluding telstra sites but hey lets make it hard for people to get help, that's the telstra way. So the lovely non english person spent some time looking at my account, I can tell they are non english over text because their responses are not appropriate, no it was not your bots, it was your philipines call center I think. Anyway this person says they have reported my payment and the service will be unshaped in 2 hours. Of course that was a lie wasnt it, 3 hours later the service was still being shaped, the app still said I owed $116.49 despite the fact I had paid $216.49, I then noticed the new bill was due to come out so I thought ok ill get ahead of you clowns and I paid $600, so now I am so far in front you cannot say didly doo, I reported the payments 3 more times on the app. 4 hours later the service was still slow so I finally gave in and rang you, I got one person who had no idea and handballed me to someone else who said she can see the issue and has fixed it and my service will be fine in 2 hours time....there's that lie again. The next day comes, we are now over 26 hours from my issues starting, I still have slow service, the modem is still in backup mode, sometimes it connects and gives me the nbn but it is slow like the backup mode was, so use the online text again because speaking to your asians on the phone is hard because their english is not good enough to be in a call center. The next online support person tells me they can see my frustration and not to worry they will help me, they give me a link and a number, I look them up and it says I am schedule for an installation on the 16th, which of course is 3 days from my initial problem and a hell of a lot more hours than the 2 hours I was first told. I ask why the 16th and am told oh that is just what it says and as I am not getting installation it will be fixed in 2 to 24 hours, so now the lie has gone from 2 hours up to maybe 24 hours. Guess what, its now been 72 hours since I first got the issue and it has been more than 24 hours since the last dud told me 2 to 24. So here is my guess, you people treat everyone like dirt, does not matter if they are a customer who pays over 5 thousand a year like me or someone who pays 300 we are all the same, we mean nothing to you, you will treat us like crap, your automated scripts are a joke, your customer service is the worse I have seen in my life and your call centers are manned by non english speaking people who's accents are impossible to understand, I think this is part of your strategy. It is now 2pm on the 16th, you have cost me work, I work casual and have to log on and check a roster, thanks to your service I cannot, you just lost me $64.38 an hour on a 7.65 hour shift, so you do the math on that one and I am still no closer to a resolution. I believe you guys did not just have some automated script shape me, if you did then unshaping me would be the same event, press a button, I believe you guys turn it off at box up the street hence it takes you 3 days to turn it back on, tell me I am wrong. Anyway, thanks for treating me like dirt, ill be taking my accounts to optus who are offering me a better deal than you are anyway, ill happily payout the contracts which end in a few months anyway. You folks need to have a good look at how you treat people, some people who are noted payers who do not ring asking for better deals and have been with you longer than most of your staff deserve to be treated better.

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Re: Poor service as usual

Hello Kent,


after paying off your bills, have you tried turning the modem off and on once.


It sounds odd, but lot of times, it fixes the issues as it refreshes the modem and not necessarily it is a billing issue


Please try it once, or kindly call Telstra on 132200.

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