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Porting of the home phone number

I just recently joined the $100 Telstra T-Bundle plan/ Ultimate Cable on the 8/10/12  and i requested them to port my home phone number. The current provider is Optus whom i have cancelled my contract with them but waiting till the Telstra services are up and running so i can disconnect the Optus internet connection. Apparently there is a "16 days lead", so my appointment with a technician is on the 30th and Telstra has to install a new line when they come on that date. If they are doing this on that date, will i be charged for the installation for the new line and will the number be ported over on that day?  I've been through 4 chat representatives with some of my questions being answered but it's just the home phone porting/installation hasn't been fully explained to me and clarified. 

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