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Promises of increased speeds

48 hours ago I was upgraded to increase my home broadband, with promises to increase from 30mbps to 200. How long should I expect to see the change of speed after this being organised with Telstra over the phone Sunday afternoon?

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Re: Promises of increased speeds


Presuming you're speaking of NBN or cable, the maximum theoretical speed is 100mb/s.

200mb/s is wrong.

You will need to reboot your modem.

Hopefully you have an interaction / reference number to follow this up.  

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Re: Promises of increased speeds

@Gmacrae Can you post your full modem stats? 


On the Telstra modems line stats are located here (Knocked of from @cf4 , lol)


TG587 Telstra T-Gateway (TG797). Telstra Gateway Max TG799 and Telstra Gateway Max II (TG800) > advance > broadband > DSL stats


Telstra Gateway Frontier (DJN2130), Telstra Smart Modem (DJA0230) Telstra Smart Modem Gen2 (DJA0231) > Advanced > Broadband > DSL stats Log in ID Gen 2 is admin/Telstra


Telstra Gateway (Sagemcom F@st 5355) > Advanced > Gateway Settings > Dev Info > General > xDSL (Near bottom of page) Password is admin


It will look similar to this (Mainly after the ones in bold).


DSL Status Up
DSL Uptime 18 hours 28 minutes 9 seconds
DSL Mode Fast
Maximum Line rate 20.03 Mbps 35.43 Mbps
Line Rate 19.99 Mbps 34.39 Mbps
Data Transferred 321.46 MBytes 1485.85 MBytes
Output Power 8.8 dBm 12.1 dBm
Line Attenuation 5.7, 33.9, 53.9 dB 15.8, 44.1, 67.8 dB
Noise Margin 6.3 dB 6.7 dB


Why I am curious as there is no 30Mbps speed, the standard speed is 50Mbps on the unlimited plan. Which is making me think that 30Mbps was your maximum speed anyway, so increasing the tier speed won't achieve anything except cost you money for nothing.

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