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Protecting my IP number

Recently I have been scammed.  This has prompted me to look into VPN's, I discover, for a nominal amount I can protect my IP# by downloading a VPN (Very Private Network) where my IP# is not transmitted on any surfing of the internet, emails or mobile phone use.  Goodo !

I have also learnt that 58 foreign entities 'out there' have recorded my IP#.  This allows any of them to look into my doings on the 'net.

Employing a VPN will stop future hack attacks. 

My concern is: is there anything I can do to remove the threat of attacks from any of these 58 'entities' ?

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Re: Protecting my IP number

I am sorry to read you got scammed. VPN will transmit an IP address but it is encrypted, so it adds a form of an overriding protection envelope to your data as it travels into the Internet. Your real IPv4 address, the short one on your LAN is usually not seen on the Internet as it is being masked by the modem's NAT (Number Address Translation) and your Firewall features block all non-authorised incoming connections. The NAT uses an external carrier IP address which changes depending on the cycle instituted by the ISP/RSP service provider - daily or even more often if using CG-NAT. They also use measures to mitigate malicious activity to protect you  e.g. Telstra Broadband Protect is included in you service. The only exception to your IP being masked is when IPv6 is used, the very long IP Address, which is used by 4GLTE Back-Up and sometimes to connect to sites that have employed IPv6 on their servers and translation to these servers can also be done in the ISP/RSP network. Telstra Modems are dual-stacked meaning they can use either form depending on what they are connecting to.  


Anti-Virus and Malware Protection companies occasionally use inappropriate marketing statements regarding visibility of your IP address - Avast Free tells me this all the time so that I can subscribe to a paid version.


Your Bowser has a good indication if the site is secure - look for the https and lock icon and you should be OK. Don't open any attachments from people you don't know and look suspiciously at emails purporting to be from organisations you have dealings with and those you don't. 


P.S. - Don't use Public Wi-Fi - its free but you don't know who is monitoring that Network. YouTube has a few clips which show you why you shouldn't. Safer to use your Mobile Phone  Data or Hotspot feature. 

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Re: Protecting my IP number

Thank you very much Mkritch.


I am very impressed with your overview of the 'sate of the art' re the technology employed in telecommunications, especially internet related stuff.  After reading your response,I decided buying VPN protection is probably not required for a low level user like me.

I have another query but I'll submit it as another post.


Kind regards.

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Protecting my IP number

Where did you get the information that 58 foreign entities have recorded your IP?


Sounds like typical free AV or browser popup scare tactics to try and make you buy something

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Re: Protecting my IP number

@wazza4  Thank you for the feedback. Given your scam experience, my intention was to give you an overview about how things interconnect and not to put your off a VPN as I am not aware of how you use the Internet. If you intend to work from home, your employer will generally insist you have their VPN preferred software loaded on your client PC so your communications remain secure and under their control.

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