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Re: How long to set up a bundle?

Thanks Ben


Well after an hour long chat, the bundle should hopefully kick in on Tuesday, 9 days after the original request was made.  I am going to list the outcome in the hope it may assist anyone else looking to bundle all their services. There isn't much information out there in regards to realistic lead times & things to watch out for.


1. A standard bundle change takes 48-72hrs atleast. Add another 2 days if you wish to change speeds. I was told in my original chat the whole thing takes 48hrs to kick in....


2. If you are adding a current Bigpond ADSL service to your home phone account ie: combining them on the same bill so you CAN bundle them, this takes another day or so. My ADSL transfer request was never submitted to begin with so effectively the 1st step was never commenced! 


3. The Bundle deal changed yesterday & they couldn't guarantee that I could still get that deal, even though I had originally ordered it when it was valid. Thankfully, for $2 difference, I was happy to settle for the new deal so as to not cause any further delays.  Any more than $2 difference, I would have certainly argued the point!


My main gripe through this whole experience has been the lack of honesty (or poor training of staff) with regards to how long these things take. If I had been told it may take up to a week for everything to kick in, I would have been fine with that. It isn't unrealistic. Things happen... increased work loads & requests, physical changes at the exchange level may need to happen, weather influences etc. Just be honest about it! Telling someone 48hrs just gets their hopes up & then makes them cranky when you don't provide! 


Thankfully the operator I spoke to tonight was very knowledgeable & was able to sort out this mess. I'm still not impressed that it is taking so long, all due to the original operator not submitting the original ADSL2 transfer application. Cassie promised that she had fast tracked all further processes to the best of her abilities & gave me 1GB unshaped to see me through (which it wont but it was a nice gesture) until the ADSL2 & bundle kicks in on Tuesday. Hopefully. You will certainly hear more from me if it doesn't!


So to sum up, if you want to combine all your services on the same bill/account, put your Home Phone & Broadband on a Bundle Plan AND upgrade from ADSL1 to ADSL2...all up this could possibly take 7 days. Longer if it's stuffed up!


Thanks for listening.





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