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My new name from today says it all.


My issue is I think, fairly straight forward.


I requested the Speedboost be added to my Cable service.


Old Cable speeds (Average 33/1.0)


Speedboost speeds (Average115/2.3)


All was well.


Service went beyond my expectations for about 2 weeks.


About Monday 25 Nov I noticed internet a sluggish, did a speed test 34/.9 result. Hmm, give it a couple of hours and see what happens. My Monthly reset date is 19 Nov.


By the 29 Nov no change so contacted Tech support. 


Usual procedures tried. No problem at their end, speed still within acceptable levels, nothing more we can do.


Again, tried to escalate issue to find out why service was not delivering previous speeds.


Spent several hours with Tech support/Billing/Foxtel(part of my Bundle, but why Foxtel?)/24/7Chat. Someone listened.


Received a call from Tech support went thru checks to no avail and a Tech visit arranged for Mon 9/12 am.


Lo and behold got a call after 8pm.


A message was left stating my tech visit is now cancelled as a fault in the Baulkham Hills area was the cause of my issue. It is now fixed so no tech visit required.


Issue of course is not fixed and problem still exists.


I'm expected to pay for new Modem and monthly Speedboost charge for no speed gain.


Can anyone help?





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