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Re: Porting of the home phone number

I got a welcome/introduction letter yesterday and it provided all of the information and a order number which i can track the status. So i check the status and it said it was all cancelled for some odd reason. I called up Telstra was redirected to different departments until a nice lady decided to arrange a call from the Bundles Team themselves to call me on the spot. I got the call from this guy and he explained to me why my order was canecelled which was because of the appointments arrangement error. When my appointments were booked, the lady from the live chat had book the internet technician on a earleir date then the telephone technician, so when the system processes it saw that and cancelled it. A landline has to be established first before the internet is installed which made sense. The guy just simply rebooked the appointments for the landline on the 30th of October and the 1st of November for the internet. So it should be all fine now and in the end, the services with Telstra was meant to start in November in the first place due to the porting. I do have to thank the guy clearing things up and clarfiying things up once more. Due to all this, i was given a new tracking number for the order and this it says it in progress but if you have a look, it says i'm getting "BigPond Cable 3.0 Elite Liberty - 200GB" which is wrong because i signed up for the Ultimate Cable unless that is the Ultimate Cable :/


Tracking Number: 1-107026592180


EDIT:  After a bit of research,  the Cable 3.0 Elite Liberty is not the Ultimate Cable plan. Apparently it is a common error and it can fixed easily but it can't done during the processing stage. So i have to get it changed when it is all connected up. Check these 2 topics where people has the issues and got it resolved eventually.

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