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Re-locate NBN connection


When my NBN was connected it was put just inside of the garage door at the front of the house. The modem is in the same location.


Due to intermittent Wifi connection (it slows down quite a lot when under a lot of use), can i move the modem to another point of the house or does the modem need to stay where the NBN comes in from the street?


I've thought of using Wifi Extenders and Wifi Powerlines but i don't think this will resolve my issue.


Any thoughts?



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Re: Re-locate NBN connection

Hi there,


It may be beneficial to get a cable contractor and get a Ethernet point install to a preferred point in the house? You could then patch from the point in the garage to the NBN box and move the router/modem to the preferred location.


Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Re-locate NBN connection

Hey there,


The modem does need to remain in the same location and connected to your NBN box.  You can put in a request to have it moved but at the moment it can be up to 12 weeks to get a response on these requests and this is not a guarantee that it will be approved.


As mentioned by Caaf internal wiring can be a solution to this problem or you could try a Wi-Fi extender as you have been thinking


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