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Reducing amount downloaded at home

Hi there, our kids are chewing through our data.  Is there a way to block what they can download if it exceeds a certain limit?  Ie: it won't let them download anything over 5Mb?

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Re: Reducing amount downloaded at home

G'day @Melliemel , and welcome to crowdsupport.


I have to laugh, because I had the same issues.Smiley Frustrated


I was never a big fan of putting things on PC's to restrict kids (all my kids are grown up now), however, you could start here:


if you have windows PC's. 



There are things for Kindle Fire, iPad etc.


You don't say if you are on WiFi, ADSL, or NBN, but there's no way to limit the size of a file they can download, as many games and Youtube videos are larger than that.


Someone my chip in with ideas.


Philosophically speaking, we have raised a generation that thinks it all comes free.


It's hard to do, and the temptation is to let them get away with it, but the hardest lesson to learn was having the net slow down to unusable, and I said to the kids, "well, it's your loss". Actually it was my loss as well, and so I daily limited the hours the kids could use the net.  Had arguments, of course, and was told I was mean by the transgressor, but then the children that still had time could sacrifice their time for the other child if they desired.  That became fun, and the kids self policed, which was fun to watch.


Then I setup the Modem to disconnect at midnight each night, no matter what they were doing.


I know it sounds "pat" but we have to teach them that it's simply not free (I can be just as bad and give in), but if they don't learn to limit themselves, and they eat up theor allowance in the first week say, how do they expect to survive the rest of the month.


Having said all of that, I simply went for the maximum data allowed per month. You may not be in a position to do that.


BTW, if you are on a plan, you know you can "top up" 3 times a year.


I hope this gives you some ideas, feel free to keep asking, as this is a problem many families are facing.



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