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Returning to Telstra (Churn) How long need I wait?

I am returning to Telstra after 6 years and a month or two with iiNet.


I ask the crowd, how long does this iiNet to Telstra 'churn' take for phone and internet to be transferred?


I will read more here but I would appreciate some numbers as to delays experienced. I am at 13 days and still no internet and the PSTN died yesterday (guess they were in the exchange and in-completed the work for reasons unknown to me at this time).


Churn was to happen 31 January. I got a call at 4.50pm that day to say no one was at home !! The order went to HELD..  I had a working PSTN an ADSL2 service that morning and it should be a simple jumper move in the exchange.


Days later, when the transfer really should have completed by I called to find ".... the ticket was in a funny state as one system wasn't talking to the other....." What rubbish is that?


More unnecessary delay and it is approaching two weeks for goodness sake Telstra. I imagine this process happens a number of times a day and am left wondering, why me.

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Re: Returning to Telstra (Churn) How long need I wait?

No replies yet so I will now.


Today I got a call from a Telstra technician on his way to the exchange and then when the service was restored. He commented someone had unplugged but didn't re connect the service!


Today is the 14th of February. I arrive home to stutter dial tone and ADSL. Hooray!


In my opinion, this all should have happened on day 1, that was the 31st of January, the day the CHURN process was HELD because I wasn't home. I need not have been home for this simple change of carrier.


So be warned, CHURN can take longer than you would think.

Support Team
Support Team

Re: Returning to Telstra (Churn) How long need I wait?

Hi @Whiskey7


Very sorry to read about your ongoing service delays and the inconvenience caused. Also apologies for the delays in responding.


Are you still waiting for the transfer to complete?


- Jimmy

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