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Slow Cable Internet

We are on a Cable Surfboard modem with wi-fi & hard-wired connectivity to computers, i-phones and T-Box. The internet has been dropping out a lot recently and we are constantly having to re-set the Surfboard modem. The T-Box, which is on wi-fi is losing signal all together or 'hanging' badly and even the computer which is hard-wired to the modem is losing the connection or just being very slow. This has been happening on & off over the last couple of weeks. Is there an issue in our area (West Pennant Hills) or are we looking at a new modem, or some other solution?

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Re: Slow Cable Internet




Your area is showing some outages Outages however not what you are having problems with.


Try resetting your modem back to default and see how you go with this.


A modem upgrade would be a good start also however this might not resolve your issues.


Post your modem stats and lets have a look to see what is going on there.

In a web browser type username would be admin and password is motorola unless you changed your password.




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Re: Slow Cable Internet

OK I reset the Modem with the botton accessed through the pinhole in the back of the unit and I also rebooted through the log in motorola option.

How do I post / send you the logs and which logs do you need to review?

Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Slow Cable Internet

Hi Balvenie,


I am not seeing any outages currently listed, so if you are still experiencing disconnections I would recommend the following:


- Disconnect the modem from power and coaxial for 10 minutes. While waiting, take the time to disconnect all coaxial cables as this helps to clean the connectors and can improve the signal. 


- Perform a factory default by holding in the reset button until you see the power light flash, this will take approximately 10 seconds and if successful you will then need to update the modem with your BigPond login details.


Note: Unless you are confident about configuring your modem, I would recommend downloading the insta...


- If you continue to experience difficulties I would recommend that you contact Accounts on 13 22 00 and change your plan and migrate your service to the Docsis 3.0, which can provide speeds up to 100 mbps depending on your speed choice, and provides mutliple channels for the download which can provide improved stability and performance. 


- Or you may prefer to contact Tech Support on 133 933 first so that the network can be investigated further.


I hope this helps!


- Shelly


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