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Slow Wifi Speed on NBN

My wifi speed is only peaking at 35Mbps but my cable speed peaks at 95+Mbps. A Telstra technician was already here this morning but was unable to rectify the situation, he even put in a new modem,

Is it possible for me to get the wifi speed to even at least 60Mbps. I'm on the T-Broadband 500GB plan with a speed boost 100.

Does anyone out there get a better wifi speed than what I'm getting?

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Re: Slow Wifi Speed on NBN

Not knowing what equipment you're running have you thought of scanning the surrounding area for there wireless networks (and there channel) you maybe to close to someone else's network channel.

Happy hunting http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_WLAN_channels

Btw it could just be a crap router!


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Re: Slow Wifi Speed on NBN

Wifi speeds can be impacted by so many variables.  In my old house, using the microwave would cause the Wifi speed to drop to almost zero.


Telstra can only really check and guarantee a quality of service to a computer directly connected via Ethernet to the modem.


You could follow Caaf's advice and see if there is another channel that is less congested in your area, but you may find it has little impact.  If possible, connect via Ethernet.

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Re: Slow Wifi Speed on NBN

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Alternatively, if you go into the modem interface at and go into Local Network > Configure the main WLAN - You can change your WiFi channel to try to get around WiFi interference. The main different channels are 1, 6 & 11 try them all and see which one works best, then try the channels surrounding those ones (5, 7) to try to get the best signal.

You can also test this by setting up a ping in command prompt to show the delay to the modem instead of doing a speed test which can be unreliable.

To do this open command prompt or RUN + cmd and type in "ping -t" and press enter. The time in ms will tell you the delay between your computer and modem via WiFi. Change the channel and then look at the delay time. It's also a good idea to download something while doing this, as this will show you the most obvious packet loss. i.e. Open Youtube and search "1 hour" on 1080p.


Realistically, your WiFi shouldn't spike above 30ms regularly. Randomly is fine. (Once every 5-10 minutes)




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