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Slow internet

I am having trouble with my wifi connection.
Netflix is the only app that works on my telstra tv.
Channel 9 and 10 wont load. Stan will load but it wont stop buffering.

I have reset my telstra tv and modem. My bill is paid.
How can i fix this?

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Slow internet

It could be one of two things:
Your wifi signal is not strong enough to maintain the speeds needed to provide a good streaming experience (Netflix is much better at handling low speeds, so it works better).
Your actual speed could be low. Connect a computer to your modem via lan cable (preferably) or stand as close as possible to the modem and run a speed test.
As far as Channel 9 & 10 not loading, do you mean FTA TV? Do you have an aerial plugged in and is it pointing in the right direction?
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