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Smart Modem IPV6 Subnetting

Hi, how can I break up my /56 IPv6 into smaller /64 subnets for use with downstream equipment?



I have the smart modem connected to NBN (over HFC) - it gets a /56.

The wifi and ethernet ports are on the first /64 of that /56.

I want to route another /64 to a host on the ethernet - how do I do that? (That host is opnsense and pfsense clone - which is my home lab equipment. Opnsense provides me with fire-walling so I can control what comes in...)


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Re: Smart Modem IPV6 Subnetting

From my understanding there is no option to customise subnetting on the Telstra Smart Modems.
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Re: Smart Modem IPV6 Subnetting

Thanks for the info - I suspected as much.


So how do you leverage that /56 to split it up into /64's for virtual lans? I'm guessing I have to use another router in front?

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