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Some sites won't open???

Hi there, firstly I am no IT guru whatsover but my problem sounds like it shouldnt be that hard to resolve.  I have been with Telstra now for some time and upgraded to Cable a few months ago.  I have a Netgear CG3100 modem/router set up and in anticipation of my travel plans (that I had obviously booked when I was on ADSL), I went to check the website of the resort we had booked and the site took ages to open and eventually didnt.  At first I assumed it was the website not working but everytime I was at work I was able to look at the site.  I can also look at the site on my iphone when i disable my wifi.  So there is something stopping this site from opening and I cannot understand it. I've raised this with Telstra via live chat and initially very helpful, checking settings etc etc and then raising a Level 2 investigation.  I've turned off my modem several times and as of yesterday I was asked to turn it off for 8 hours which i did - it seems the only answer i'm getting is to turn off the modem and hope for the best which is ridiculous.  The investigation is still pending and now i have to wait for them to call me which i dont even know when that will be.  Is this a really huge issue that cant be resolved??  I've had no other issues with any sites just this particular one ( ...totally stumped and frustrated.

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Some sites won't open???

Hi Mikkiborg,


Have you tried performing a factory reset on the modem?


Please note that when you do this any personalised settings will need to be reconfigured, but you shouldn't need to complete the registration portal again. 


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