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Super Fast NBN Slow

I have had the NBN for a couple of days now, and when first connected was getting 25/5mbps. Since I upgraded to the 100/50 super fast I now only get 30/25 or so.
How can I fix this to get the maximum out of my service. I don't want to pay good money for less than promised performance.
Attached are my gateway stats.
I am also getting regular drop outs (red lights on modem) and that is very frustrating as well.

DSL Status
DSL Uptime
1hours 56min 37sec
DSL Type
DSL Mode
Maximum Line rate
28.11 Mbps 32.36 Mbps
Line Rate
28.11 Mbps 32.05 Mbps
Data Transferred
67.41 MBytes 429.19 MBytes
Output Power
10.8 dBm 8.7 dBm
Line Attenuation
5.5, 40.0, 48.1,N/A,N/A dB 16.0, 39.5, 60.8 dB
Noise Margin
6.2 dB 6 dB

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Re: Super Fast NBN Slow

You're using FTTN so you may already be getting the maximum out of your service. Welcome to the technologically inferior and already outdated MTM.


Speed boost is not a guaranteed speed, it is up to 100/40. If you are not getting this you can cancel it or opt for the up to 50/20 version


I don't see anything wrong with your line stats, theoretically with that downstream attenuation higher speeds (but certainly not 100/40) may be achievable, but that would be based on copper wire gauge, bridge taps, crosstalk, etc, which can't be determined from modem stats alone so I wouldn't get your hopes up and that cant be used as a basis for argument. Your maximum line rate is generally a good indicator of highest achieveable speed. For what I can see there is not enough grounds for Telstra to lodge a fault with NBN™. VDSL is a lot more finicky then ADSL and does have a exponential drop in speed over distance, unlike ADSL which is more linear and robust to other influences


You can Contact 1800 TFIBRE and they can run some diagnostics on the service, and you can speak to them about dropouts, however if everything looks ok on their end there is not much else that can be done.

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Re: Super Fast NBN Slow

Hi ya HamishT I have to agree with




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Re: Super Fast NBN Slow

Thanks guys. I will call Telstra this afternoon and see how I go.

Luvs_footie I am about 500m from an exchange, no nodes that I am aware of.
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Re: Super Fast NBN Slow

Yeah looking at your modem stats it may be the best you can get on your line.

Much like ADSL2+ 'OPEN2' connections allow up to 24/1, NBN top speed plans up to 100/40. However most don't get that, and there is no guarantee with copper-based tech you will.
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Re: Super Fast NBN Slow

Now it's dropped back again. So frustrating, I got similar to this on adsl, was hoping for improvement.


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