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Telstra NBN fibre is a great leap backwards

My experience with getting 25MBps fibre broadband with Telstra has been one ongoing nightmare, and I  would not recommend anyone with a good copperwire ADSL connection switch over. I  have asked to be switched back, but Telstra say  under the rules of the NBN, you can't do that.


I  had numberous visits by NBN installation guys and Telstra techs,  cancellation of appointments, no signal once the fibre was installed, then they only connected the voice, and I  was left without any Internet for over a week.


Despite signing up in early July, I  still have not got 25Mbps - stuck on a maximum of 11Mbps, just slightly faster than my old
ADSL coppper wire connection with Exetel. I  keep being promised the speed boost will be connected within 48 hours, but it never happens.


The performance of the system with the standtard 12MBps is terrible. I have an iPad connected to the T-gateway modem wifi signal, and a couple of computers via Ethernet cable. The iPad  performance is pathetic, typically less than 1.0 MBps, maximum 4 Mbps - I often cannot get web pages to open, let alone get images in Facebook to open. The signal drops out frequently, and even more frequently, the signal  becomes very slow, day or night, but especially in the late afternoon. As for using the iPad when one of the computers is in use, forget that idea, it just doesn't happen. The two computers are connected via a switchbox. If one is in use, forget trying to use the other - it is either so slow  or just does not work.


All this worked perfectly with ADSL. I  suspect the Telstra T-gateway modem is not up to the job, being old technology.


Telstra just don't wnat to know about this. They acknowledge the performance is terrible, esp the iPad with its 4 Mbps maximum speed. The speed of the NBN conssitently drops  in the afternoon, probably when the number of users increase.

Right now, there is no hope for this sytem, or for me. I  am now stranded with a very poorly performing system that Telsrtra have no idea how to improve



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Re: Telstra NBN fibre is a great leap backwards

Hi JillB,

I have offered you advice on 3 separate threads. Unfortunately in the world of technology you need to help yourself so that others can help you. Please review the threads in which I have attempted to assist you with all the issues mentioned above.







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Re: Telstra NBN fibre is a great leap backwards

Hi JiilB,
I am a new customer to the NBN and but not to Telstra. The NBN guys that came around were more than helpful and were here for about 3 hours. We are a new house with all the necessary connections as cabling already installed during the building process that may have helped. The Telstra blokes arrived 3 days later were fantastic as well - explaining everything to me as they went along. Apart from the day before yesterday when I had to reboot the t-Gateway (which I managed to do with some help from here and the manual) we have been extremely happy with the service of both the NBN guys Nad Telstra. The speed of the Internet (we have added the extra boost) is amazing to us - we have been on a wireless broadband USB for the last 6 or so years as we were unable to get any sort of wireless or cabling where we previously lived. We are more than happy withe the speed of the phones, iPads and computers - maybe because it is a new area and it is so mush better for us. I'm sorry you are having issues with your services though. Hope you get some positive resolution soon to your issues. cheers. B Smiley Happy