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Telstra Smart Wi-Fi Booster - Eathernet connections & Mounting?

I just purchased a Telstra Smart Wi-Fi Booster set, and I am still trying to working out the best way to set it up.

I have a long two-story house and plenty of Ethernet outlets setup.  However, it’s the WiFi coverage that prompted me to get the Smart Wi-Fi Booster.  I already have two WiFi Access Points, but my devices won’t change between the WAPs when the signal gets low.  That’s why I wanted to give the Smart Wi-Fi Booster a go, as it is a Mesh Network, which should hand off connections around my home (much like the Mobile network).


So my first question is, can I use more than one Ethernet connection to connect the Smart Wi-Fi Boosters?  To me, this would be a better way of utilising them, as well as giving them a redundant path back to the router.  I did see an earlier post (from Spax) that said that this function wasn’t supported.
So, is this still the case, and if so, has anyone from Telstra thought about updating the software to allow this to happen?


Secondly, under the little cover on the back of the Smart Wi-Fi Booster, there appears to be a wall mounting hole (for a screw), which I would like to use.  However, I can’t see how the rear stand at the bottom of the unit can be removed to allow the Smart Wi-Fi Booster to sit flush against the wall?

Any thoughts?

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Re: Telstra Smart Wi-Fi Booster - Eathernet connections & Mounting?

The Ethernet port can be used for "back-haul and internet connectivity to other devices, such as
Smart TV" from

To my knowledge its not designed to be wall or ceiling mounted.
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