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Telstra Velocity Upload Speed

As we all know, 5mbps upload is atrocious for this day and age, and it should be a lot higher for those on fibre on Velocity network. 

Are there plans to improve this anytime soon?

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Re: Telstra Velocity Upload Speed

Telstra keep saying theres no plans for any improvements. My plan is to switch to Optus 5G or another fixed wireless provider when/if it comes out in my area. There's a few of providers rolling out wireless thats faster and cheaper than Telstra Velocity. Biggest down sides is ping times wont be as good and if everyone in a Telstra Velocity estate switches away from Telstra Velocity, wireless would get congested.

Level 1: Cadet

Re: Telstra Velocity Upload Speed

I will second this. It's a PITA to big uploads as it's so damn slow and congests the connection for anyone else at home. It's also sad that I get a quicker upload on the crappy FTTN copper connection at work. Come on Telstra - Time to treat us like first class users again. It's pretty much the only fixed line network you have to manage now so what's the hold up?

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