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Temporary Internet Connections



I have recently moved.

The previous owners had Telstra ADSL I believe.

We have requested NBN and it is in progress but they basically have to cut a new conduit.

In the meantime I am using a WiFi Broadband Prepaid Modem solution.

Would it be possible to simple reactivate the previous connection for a limited period until the construction work is done?


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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Temporary Internet Connections

In most cases, that would not be possible.


When the NBN is being rolled out in an area, a cease sale is put in to effect that stops new non-NBN services from being connected (yours would be classified as a new service as you currently don't have service on it). The exception is when a property is migrated over to the NBN and the connection is not successful, the previous connection can be then be restored.

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