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The Basin has terrible ADSL servic

Telstra is expensive and you don’t get what you pay for. We are getting .08mpbs! We had a technical person come out last year. He disconnected some phone points and told us we’d never have trouble again.

It was fine for a few months. Now it is absolutely terrible. Yes we have followed ALL the trouble shooting advice. Now they want us to yet again waste a day of annual leave to have a technical person come to the house.
It almost feels like someone is trying to send us crazy. Enough.

Today I found a Triple M site listing the whole countries WORST internet areas. What a surprise THE BASIN is listed at number 6!

So now Telstra tell me the problem is at our end.

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Re: The Basin has terrible ADSL servic

Hello it would be useful to run the Telstra trouble shooting tool

It will determine if the problem is on your house or from the incoming line from Telstra
Thank you
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