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Turning off Interleaving off, aka FAST PATH

Hi, in the last month or so i have spend over 20 hrs on the phone with tech support and level 2 techs etc. I have turned off interleaving before many times and its never been so hard. 


The last Tech ran line tests for 2 days and all it did was drop my connection speed from 9mbps to 6mbps (getting 5 via speed test now was 8) and my latency on hasnt changed. (21ms) (probably changed my line profile (noise profile) to stable.)


All I'm trying to do is turn off interleaving so i can have 5-6ms latency for gaming.

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Re: Turning off Interleaving off, aka FAST PATH

Level 2 should be able to change your profile to "fast profile"
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Re: Turning off Interleaving off, aka FAST PATH

Technically they can, but i wouldn't be certain if they will. They are not obliged to in any way.

One of the reasons that self-service of the DSL noise profile was disabled was because it increased the amount fault calls due to 'self-inflicted' issues
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Re: Turning off Interleaving off, aka FAST PATH

Ya this is the issue tho. I want the good latency for PUBG Pro circuit. I have x2 ADSL+phone lines with telstra that are load balanced. If one drops out the other picks up the connection.. Last time i turned it off it would drop out once every few days and im ok with that.

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