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VERY POOR customer service

My initial NBN install was performed about 3 weeks late and one of the operators i spoke to offered a credit for the delay, when my service was still not working properly after the install i called again to find out i was only given half the initial credit so he applied the remainder of the credit i was issued at the begining but was not willing to compensate me for any of the issues we were currently having, i lodged an official complaint regarding the service and connection. Following up on the complaint 4 weeks later i found the operator never actually lodged the complaint however made notes on the account so i again went through the process of making an official complaint (AGAIN 6 WEEKS LATER NOTHING FROM TELSTRA REGARDING THIS) however im over that now, just want the service fixed, understand now telstra does not care about happy customers..... After calling 3 weeks ago and lodging details with tech support again for the speed issues and also a ticket with NBN for the light levels i have still had no response. Does anyone else have the same issue with tesltra we are having as far as the lack of response and care from telstra???


All i want is what i am paying for, and if i am not receiving what i am paying for then i beleive i have every right to complain and request compensation but apparently that is too much to ask for...

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Re: VERY POOR customer service

Hi Luehmans,


I can understand your disappointment about your NBN service still not working after 6 weeks. You are absolutely entitled to request a rebate for the charges of this service while it isn't working, and this is typically arranged after the issue is resolved.


Can you PM me with the case number that you have lodged?


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Re: VERY POOR customer service

I dont have the case number any more as it was lodged a while ago now and have lost the paperwork, most recently i have dealt with Manny i beleive his name was from Townsville and he atleast had the decency to call back when he said he would. A "technician" was arranged and they replaced the gateway a 2nd time so we have now had 3 different gateways with all the same issue. I questioned the technician on the DNS settings on the gateway and not only could he not find them in the gateway he did not know what they actually were or did????? A TECHNICIAN??? The only informative thing he came up with was he told me that when it was not working bypass the Gateway and run the NBN directly to the PC to determine if it was the gateway or the NBN itself. I have had to do this every night since the tech was out and as soon as i plug the cable directly in to the PC it works perfectly. Therefore our problem is still with the gateway itself not the NBN Connection.

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Re: VERY POOR customer service



I've sent you a PM with a webform link to have your NBN issue resolved by our social media tech team in response to your initial post in another CS thread.


- Justin 

Telstra Social Media Team

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