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VPN not working on Big Pond Cable

I have recently purchased Big Pond Cable broadband with Telstra. Previousely I was using HFC Cable with Optus. Since connecting with Telstra my VPN is not working, it was working fine with Optus.


I own two different VPN services and both of them are not working. Called Telstra and they are trying to kick the can to their Platinum Team. Did some googling and found others having the same problem on Telstra NBN and Cable.


On my iOS devices the VPN connects but after that I cant use the internet. On my Mac the VPN connects but as soon as I try to browse the internet the VPN disconnects immediately.


My Mac and all iOS devices are running the latest OS as of today's date 13/02/2016. The router that I have been provided by Telstra is Netgear Telstra Gateway Max C6300BD-1TLAUS


Please suggest any possible solutions apart recommending me to the Platinum Team. I have seen others posting that after a month or so the issue rectified itself but I cant wait for a month as I need to use VPN on a day-to-day basis.

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Re: VPN not working on Big Pond Cable

As it is, Platinum does not provide support for VPN services directly anyway. The only thing we can really do is port forwarding if the VPN requires it

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Re: VPN not working on Big Pond Cable

On my iOS devices I have turned off wifi and the VPN works on 4G. This means the issue is not with VPN it's with Telstra.

Upon further investigation I have found other forums complaining the same and the best advice given there is that the Telstra Gatway Max made by Netgear has this issue which Netgear has pushed a Firmware update to fix.

Platinum team says I will receive the upgrade within the next 24 hours, if I don't automatically there is no way to push the upgrade.

By reading the forums I can see that issue is with Telstra and just by saying we don't deal with VPN would not fix the problem, it's better Telstra owns up to the issue with faulty routers and atleast stop supplying them to new customers.

Alternatively they can find a way to push the firmware upgrade.
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Re: VPN not working on Big Pond Cable

What is port forwarding? How can it resolve the issue?
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Re: VPN not working on Big Pond Cable

Hi, this thread dates from February. I have the exact same problem. Telstra couldn't care less.


Has anyone found a fix?


Appreciate your help, thanks.


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Re: VPN not working on Big Pond Cable



I have been using VPN on Telstra Cable for a few years (for fully legal purposes).

Basically Telstra has been using increasingly stronger measures to block VPN.

I have had to make changes to my set up three times to keep ahead.

Even with my current settings Telstra from time to time will interrupt my sessions!


My current VPN set up uses:

Enable TCP

Port 443

Enable DPI Shield


And in the Windows10 Network Connection Properties for my WiFi, I modify my Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) Properties to Use the following DNS server addresses:



These addresses are for the Google DNS (rather than Telstra default DNS).


Should be enough here to Google a step by step guide.


Regards AlanX

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