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Weird Speedtest results

Just today Telstra resolved a speed issue and restored my service to working order.

For the past month it was speed locked at 60Mbps and this was 24*7 so not a matter of time of day or congestion. Early in the day, the telstra tech confirmed download speeds of around 90Mbps and upload of 30-35Mbps


However, this evening my speed has dropped drastically to around 25-31Mbps Download!


I have taken screenshots of both the speed test and the modem console (which is showing max speed in excess of 100Mbps ! I just don't understand what is going wrong..... 


Things I tried:

  • Turn modem off then on (twice)
  • Rebooted PC that was running the speed test
  • Ran speed test from wi-fi device with same results
  • Removed all cables from back of modem and replaced one at a time

No changes occured.


Any help / advice appreciated.

Speedtest 2019-10-15 222556.jpgConsole 2019-10-15 215913.jpgSpeedtest 2019-10-15 215835.jpgSpeedTest 2019-10-15 214829.jpg

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