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When will it end?

If ever there was an opportunity to tell the world what we think of Telstra, it'd be a great day! Their NBN service is absolute crap, with slow-to-average speeds and random dropouts several times a day, every day.

You ring their tech support line, and if you're lucky enough to get through within an hour or two of sitting in the queue, you're met with a bozo with poor communication skills and zero empathy for the trouble that the dropouts are causing.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: When will it end?

Can you post your issues here in a bit more detail (connection type, modem model, speeds - from modem webpage and speedtest, what the lights on the modem (& NBN NTD if you have one) do when it drops out)?


We might be able to offer a bit of advice on how to get it looked at a bit quicker.

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