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Why does Telstra Throttle my Internet?

Just wondering why every night my internet speed gets thrown in the garbage? And yes I have tried turning my modem on and off again, I have disconected other devices, I have tried all of it, but still, every night my internet slows to a crawl.


Take for example a game of Rocket League. During the day I will have a flawless experience with a ping of no more than 40-50, but at night 150 MINIMUM. You can't turn around and say that is not throttling. When we changed to the cable plan at first it was amazing how fast it was and now it is so obviously slowed that it is a joke. 


And yes yes I have read all of the posts saying that Telstra doesn't throttle speeds, but like come on, lets be real. Is there a way to get this resolved or is it just another great perk of being a telstra customer?


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Re: Why does Telstra Throttle my Internet?

This is happening to me to??? I don't get it. During the day it's slow but at night there is constant drop-outs. Playing Black Desert Online is near impossible. I recently moved house and changed providers (out of my control). iinet is a far better service and I only moved to the next block. 

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Re: Why does Telstra Throttle my Internet?

It's honestly such a joke and they get away with it because there is nothing we can do about it without having to go through the effort of changing ISP

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Re: Why does Telstra Throttle my Internet?

It makes no sense that I can be online with 20mbs dl minimum 24/7 and move down the street and don't even get 5mbs for more than an hour. But they'll constantly say it's a problem on our end and our equipment is faulty... which is bull**** because I use the same hardware for an iinet connection and it's 100% fine. 


This is honestly theft every month. There are issues every week. How hard can it be to have stable internet??? Every other company is doing just fine which makes no sense how the "BIG" Telstra is selling internet bread crumbs at over $100 a month.


The first chance I get I'll be changing ISP no question about it. I've always hated telstra and i've never had a positive experience with their serivce. 

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Re: Why does Telstra Throttle my Internet?

Its more then likely network congestion, not an actual speed throttle

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Re: Why does Telstra Throttle my Internet?

I'm getting this too. On Ultimate cable during low peak times speed exceeds 100Mbits. From 7pm been getting DNS servers flaking out and get lots of lag resolving hostsnames. Setting the DNS to and solves this one. But any speed test during peak periods results in a steady 5-7Mbits, and here I mean steady, not flashes of 100Mbit going to back 5-7Mbits, I mean flat line steady 5-7Mbits like a quality of service (QOS) algorithm is being used.. I agree with the OP cut the BS and just admit that the network cannot deliver full speed to all users during peak times (which is impossible) so QOS has to be used, at least this way we know WTF is going on, rather than wasting our time diagnosing our end for problems that magically disappear in low peak periods.    

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Re: Why does Telstra Throttle my Internet?

Exactly the same as cblown.  Every night.  Not sure what I am paying for exactly?

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Re: Why does Telstra Throttle my Internet?

Have simular issues (this weekend) and dont agree.




1. Browsing slows

2. If I ping somewhere local (like then I get around 29ms, if i do it even while one browse page is loading the ping goes upto 3000ms (yes 3 seconds!)

3. If i reset modem etc. over the weekend it takes a good 20-30 mins to re-sync.

4. Same cable supplies foxtel with no issues.


Initial analysis/commentary:


1. If ping was consistently bad i'd agree it's congestion - As it isnt, its not...


2. Three months ago my subscription seemed to change in some way (Technically). My 30mb/s kimit was achieved via four 7mb/s channels open on the modem. Now I have 8 channels open but still 30mb/s on test i.e. I'm now being throttled, before i wasnt. Has this happened because of recent NBN rollout (timing seems to close to be a coincidence)


3. This has happened practically every weekend for the last 2 months... Twice i've called for support and been told 'no local issues... arranged for engineer to vist a  week later (!), followed by callback saying that based on number of reported faults there is in fact local area issues which will be magically be resolved after the weekend.


4. I didnt report it this weekend as I knew it would be magically fixed on monday ... and it was!


Further symtoms:


1. It never self resolves.. i.e. I have to reset the modem to enable the bandwidth, after what feels like a restriction period or a call from teltra to 'try it now'.


2.  The modem reboot time seems much faster outside of the 'broken' periods.


Close to calling it a day... not only does it not seem to be getting better I'm paying twice the cost of their nearest cable competitor and it's happening at very inconvenient times with kids not being able to access their school forums etc. to do their assignments/homework.



Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Why does Telstra Throttle my Internet?

What you describe could be due to a number of factors, but I can confirm that we are not actively throttling customers unless they exceed their monthly usage limit or due to late payment of a bill.


It is possible that there is a fault affecting your service that is more apparent during peak periods such as the weekend.  I would suggest the following steps if you have not tried them previously.


1. If you have a program such as Drop Box or iCloud performing automatic back ups, if they over-utilise your upstream, this can have a negative impact on your downloading and your experience of the speed. Make sure any unnecessary programs are disabled and any file sharing programs that do automatic downloads/uploads are disabled. 


2. If your modem and Foxtel share an outlet, remove the Foxtel from the splitter and monitor. Remove the splitter and monitor with the modem connected without the splitter and compare. Doing this will help to determine if there is an issue with the splitter.


3. Disconnect the modem from power and the coaxial cable for at least 15 minutes before reconnecting. Disconnecting and reconnecting the cables helps to clean the connectors and leaving the modem disconnected for 15 minutes will force it to renegotiate the connection in a way that a normal restart of the modem does not. 


4. Your experience of slow speeds can also be due to the number of devices that are connecting to your modem and interference in your home that affects the Wi-Fi in your home. Always perform speed tests on one computer connected to your modem via Ethernet and with the Wi-Fi disabled on the modem.



If you continue to experience difficulties, please contact Tech Support so that they can continue to investigate this further for you.


- Shelly

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