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Why is my Bigpond Broadband taking so long to be connected????

I decided on 26.3.2015 to change my Broadband Supplier from iiNet to Telstra - and so I completed all the on-line details and received confirmation that my order was received. I had been with iiNet for 6 years but their plans; overseas call centres; etc made me look more closely and found a really good plan with Bigpond. I have periodically checked on-line to Track My Order and up until a few days ago everything was set and moving along well. The 'Change my internet' section of Order Tracking said that this was due to be completed today. Two of the five sections say 'completed' but now the remaining three section are saying 'Delayed' - and it has been saying this for the past 3-4 days. Why is this task so difficult considering I lready have broadband at my home and this was only a changeover to a new supplier? My billing period with iiNet finishes tomorrow so now I will most probably have to pay another months internet with them or otherwise I will be disconnected ($49.95).  This is not fair as it is not my fault. I thought that finally Telstra would have everything organised - I was with them years ago and wasn't impressed with their Broadband service. I also received an email from them stating that the connection fee for Broadband would be waived - but I am not so sure after checking the Order Tracking and then Change Internet Service I note that "Add Activation" Fee is included in the jobs they need to do in this section.

What I had hoped would be a straight forward - painless - task is turning out to be a disaster!! Should have looked elsewhere for Broadband I think!!

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Why is my Bigpond Broadband taking so long to be connected????

Hi Blacky17557

We're sorry to hear that your swap to Telstra has beendelayed. 

We can't comment on it via CrowdSupport - we don't have access to your Telstra account here, as it's a public forum designed for customers to talk to each other. 

However, our Live Chat team can look into it for you and answer your questions: and they're available 24x7 to check it out for you.

The one thing I can clarify is about the activation charge. When we offer to waive a charge, we can't remove it from the order - no changes can be made to an order once it's placed. So instead a staff member would have to place a credit on your invoice to waive the charge. So it will continue to show the activation charge in the order tracker. 

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