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Why is my internet so slow when we have not exceeded our usage.



we live in Abbotsford Vic, have an ADSL 2+ connection, promised atleast 15 mbps but are getting 0.75 mbps (as per speedtest.net)????


Would be great to get better speeds or what was promised.



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Re: Why is my internet so slow when we have not exceeded our usage.

Hi, Firstly don't take a "Promised Speed" as exactly what you'll get on ADSL, there are a number of factors that contribute to what speed you will receive (such as line conditions, equipment in your home such as foxtel) etc.


1. Go to your modems control webpage and paste in here the "Line Statistics"


2. Do you have a filter on the line (between the socket and your modem)?


3. Do you have a B2B (Back to Base) alarm system?


4. Do you have Foxtel (Non iQ, iQ, iQHD) which is connected to the phone line?
(Foxtel boxes seem to leak voltage out the phone socket which destroys the ADSL line sync I found)


5. Have you done any troubleshooting at all?


Whilst you might see ads like "Superfast ADSL Broadband", you'll find nobody will promise you 15mbps or 24mbps etc etc. You'll see things like "Upto 24mbps" because you can get upto that figure in theory.



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Re: Why is my internet so slow when we have not exceeded our usage.

BClay wrote:
… promised atleast 15 mbps …
Just to clarify, who promised you that?
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