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Wifi problems...

I am not very computer savvy and I am having a lot of problems with some devices connecting to the wifi. Telstra technical support says my wifi is working perfectly even though I have noticed that the signal on both my phone and iPad is low even when sitting within a meter away from the modem. My Fitbit Versa watch refuses to connect permanently and so does my LaCrosse weather station. They seem to connect once every 30 times I try but then they will soon disconnect and I have so much trouble trying to connect them again. Fitbit cannot even find my wifi. There has been no updates on the apps that run them  so it can’t be that doing it. Also some other apps will not run either and often tell me there is connection problems. I have other devices such as a smart tv and printer which haven’t  lost wifi connection (yet). I got this new modem (Telstra gen2 smart modem) around 2 months ago.i turned off band steering so my 2.4ghz weather station and Fitbit could connect because before I did this they would not connect at all. I do not know what is wrong and I am at my wits end. I pay money for a reliable wifi and it has been anything but! I do not have the time to be trying all day long to connect my Versa and LaCrosse for weeks on end when they keep disconnecting several times a day and seem unable to find the wifi signal too many times. Please can some computer savvy genius please advise me what is going on or what I should try and do? 

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Re: Wifi problems...

Have you checked to see if your modems' firmware is up to date?

Technicolor DJA0231 - 18.1.C. 0384-950-RB and Arcadyan LH1000: V0.08.06r.

From previous forum notes, the Arcadyan Version 0.06.07r had Wi-Fi disconnecting issues.

Firmware updates are rolled out automatically by Telstra - if your modem is not up to date, try to Reset the modem from the System Admin Screens GUI and see if it updates. You can achieve the same by Power Down/Power Up but I think initiating that process within the screen may be a more elegant shutdown of software inside, just like a PC. If it doesn't update, see if Telstra can force an update remotely whilst you are talking to them from a mobile phone if feasible. 

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Re: Wifi problems...

To check the firmware on the Arcadyan modem log into modem and go to Advanced > Info Summary.


To check the firmware on the Arcadyan modem log into modem and go to Advanced > Gateway.


Apart from checking the firmware is up to date you could try changing the 2.4 GHz WiFi. Suggest you use a channel between 1 and 11. If you have the Arcadyan modem the WiFi Diagnostics Analyser in the modem can be used to pick a channel that suffered least interference from neighbouring channels (Advanced > Diagnostics > WiFi. For example in the image below would use channel 11 which has least congestion.





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Re: Wifi problems...

If all OK with modem firmware version and suggested channel setting above and still having problems, then perhaps it is the devices. Impressive technologies and interesting reading on webpages and YouTube.


1. Fitbit Versa - a Soft Reset on the watch will release any Bluetooth (if headset used) and Wi-Fi profiles previously used if applicable (sometimes Bluetooth and Wi-Fi don't co-exist well), ensure min 25% battery power (Wi-Fi wont work if under 25%) or connect to charger during setup. Fitbit can see up to 5 Wi-Fi networks through its App on your phone. Your Smart Phone must be logged into the same 2.4GHZ network - if you can surf the Internet from your phone, Fitbit App should be able to cross link to it, allowing you to enter the home Wi-Fi password into the Fitbit screen on your phone.


One should see a flashing Wi-Fi Icon on the watch face as it links. If there is no visible attempt to connect on the watch face, it implies the issue may be with the watch or the App - try uninstalling the App and re-installing it again in case of corruption. You can see if the Watch gets an IP address from your home Router in the watch settings icon, also view its MAC address and see if it appears in the Modem. Possible also to Sync the watch through an alternative Mobile Data 3G/4G Network when not in Wi-Fi Zone - select Fitbit from Background Apps in Mobile Data on iPhone. 


2. La Crosse - same as above, phone must be on 2.4 Ghz,  but once La Crosse has been set up using the Lacrosse Connect App in the phone as the programming tool to connect to your home Wi-Fi network, a direct link between the Lacrosse and the Modem is established and you can release your phone from the Wi-Fi Network. You should see Icons on the Lacrosse screen indicating flashing WiFi during SetUp occurring and different smaller icons reporting back to the screen's individual sections. If that is not occurring, a service call to Lacrosse agents may assist.

Great video covering how to resolve Wi-Fi connect problems. 

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