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Wrong Modem delivered CGD24N v2 instead of CG3100v2



I honestly cannot believe this company


For the last week or so I have been making the decision to swicth to Ultimate Cable rather than stay on Elite. A week ago I used the chat feature and after an exhaustive chat concluded with the operator that I could go to a Telstra shop and sort out a new modem and look at Ultimate.

I went to the local Telstra shop to be told by them that they were not really a Telstra shop (go figure) and that I would need to go to a 'real' Telstra shop. Well I did that and was told that the first guy did not know what he was talking about but to get to the point they were out of stock of new modems and I should use online Chat or ring customer service to order a new one.

So I went back to online chat and told them what I wanted. I even asked the operator to guarantee that I would get a 

CG3100v2 as the last thing I wanted was to pay for a new modem and not get what I wanted.

Interestingly enough his reponse to me asking for a guarantee was


"We now only supply that modem as it is compatible with both Cable and Cable 3.0"


Great service Telstra it arrived this morning - well a CGD24N v2 did Arggggg.

I have saved the full chat transcript because deep down I knew something like this would happen.


Hopefully one of the great forum people here can help me before I dare try and ring Telstra again.


Please help

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Re: Wrong Modem delivered CGD24N v2 instead of CG3100v2

ok so being frustrated by this I tried live chat again. They informed me that there was more than 1 type and all they sent me was a replacement. They apologised and told me that the correct one is in the mail....along with a return bag for the one sent. Summary 6 live chat consultants, 2 visits to so called Telstra stores, an interesting story from one live chat consultant telling me that Telstra only supply one type of modem (wrong) a box sitting on my desk, and a few more days to wait. Avoir

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Re: Wrong Modem delivered CGD24N v2 instead of CG3100v2

Hi Jag_syd,

Wow, sounds like you have had a few difficulties upgrading your cable service. Let me know if there are any more issues as I would be happy to resolve them for you personally.


With regards to the service, you will love it! I sit on a breezy 90-100 Mbps almost all the time and it streams video so smooth Smiley Happy



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