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Level 2: Rookie

Everything was working perfectly well 2 weeks ago. Now we come home from 2 weeks away and fine that our samsung devices (two phones, one TV, one bluray) can still connect to the wifi but say there is no internet. There is internet. All desktop comput ...

Level 1: Cadet


@telstra, I continually have connection dropout issues. I have called numerous times for this to be resolved only to have ongoing reliability issues. I am growing very frustrated by the service issues and want a suitable fix.

Level 1: Cadet

Since getting NBN we have been able to call out on our home phone but not recieve incoming calls, it's kinda nice not getting those telemarketing calls anymore but with elderly parents that only call home lines we need this fixed. Phone is plugged in ...

Level 2: Rookie

The sea-me-we-3 break has been fixed for some time now and running a ping test (from Perth where i'm located) for various Singaporean IPs gives me a latency of 102-110ms rather than the expected ~60ms. Here is a tracert showing the routing it is taki ...

Level 1: Cadet

I have been sent Smart modem (dja0230) because of new contract, I already have MAX 2 (tg800vac) modem. is there any difference between the two apart from where connectors go. MAX2 is also taller because of stand based on specs.

Level 1: Cadet

Wondering if anyone else is having the same issue? I am trying to use a USB hard-drive into the USB port on my Telstra Gateway so that our network has a share drive. This is something I have easily set up on my previous modem/routers. Despite 'file s ...

Level 1: Cadet

Hey everyone!
I used to be with another ISP that had a static IP on ADSL2+ and when i moved i now have Telstra Cable which is WAY quicker and very happy with however cable dose not support static IP's. So my question, is there anyway i could use cable ...

Level 1: Cadet

I checked the cable availability on Telstra website and it would definitely work for me. But when the technician arrived, I was told he can't do the installation for me. We have 3 units in this address and mine is at the back. If I really need a cabl ...

Level 1: Cadet

How can I monitor my Telstra/Bigpond ADSL usage without using "MyAccount" or "Telstra 24x7"? My employer pays for the service and they are not about to give me the account details or password for their accounts. This is not an Internet Direct/Custdat ...

Level 1: Cadet

I have installed the new Telstra gateway frontier Modem DJA0230.   Since installstion I cannot send emails from my from apple ipad and Iphone devices when connected to wifi.  I can send when on 4G etc.  i have also tested it on another ...

Level 2: Rookie

So I have recently encountered a slow upload speed on my computer however it seems that this is only my issue on ethernet and not on my wifi, as my wifi on 5Ghz network is getting upload of 37Mbps Hope someo ...

Level 1: Cadet

We've just had FTTN installed on 9 Jul 2018. The connection is only syncing at 10Mbps/4Mbps.I've had a cabler come out disconnect all other phone points in the house.  My stats are:DSL StatusUpOSL Uptime18 hours 6 minutes 9 secondsDSL TypeVDSL2DSL Mo ...

Level 1: Cadet

Hoping someone from Telstra can explain this ... How long does it take for an order number to find its way into the tracking system? Or have we been given the wrong order number? We received email from Telstra Notifications late yesterday titled "Imp ...

Level 2: Rookie

How can the data allowance included with my Telstra NBN home phone account be used up when I don't have a computer or smartphone? Just had a message to say my allowance is 85% 

Level 1: Cadet

We were connected to FTTN yesterday and I did some research and found some modem data which basically states we have 25mbps maximum line speed. So I've done some speed tests and found this to be accurate. the issue is we are on 50/20 tier with Telstr ...

Level 2: Rookie

hii have a bit of a strange one i cant get my head around. ive just moved into a 2 year old townhouse in mount gravatt, that had never had a phone of the street is on NBN can only assume my place wasnt built when the rest of the stree ...

Level 4: Private Eye

This new Telstra Smart Wi-Fi Booster - Mesh type Wi-Fi Extender is awesome and now have fantastic Wi-Fi coverage throughout my 2 Story Home and even outside in yard.  

Just wondering if anybody knows when availability will be to download Firmware Upda ...

Level 4: Private Eye

Has anyone else had the problems I’ve had ??  I live in rural area hunter valley,,  last week there was a big unplanned outage of the wireless nbn  on Tuesday I think  I chatted on the 24/7 and was told there was an unexpected outage until 7 pm.   Th ...

Level 4: Private Eye

Why has my upload speed dropped from 19 mb down to 3mb now since July? Please compare 2 screen shot and dates.   

Level 2: Rookie

A short while ago, I received the replacement modem (fast modem), due to intermittent service with the original Telstra 4G/5G modem supplied with NBN.Service has been ok, since the installation, experience of drop outs has been nil so far.But, in the ...

Level 1: Cadet

Hi all.
After porting to Telstra business broadband with the Netgear V7610 and speaking to Telstra many times and
after 4 replacement dongles, finally my mobile backup works.

There was barring on all calls messages and data. Data barring needs to be rem ...

Level 17: Bureau Chief

Though so far it seems Telstra modems have not been victims to VPNFilter, the situation is getting worse.An often quoted report is Towards the bottom is an updated and growing list of mo ...

Level 1: Cadet

Broadband failed this morning.  Called Telstra and put through to Technical Help.  Lines tested, rebooting twice etc and still no broadband connection.  Appointment then made for technician to come tomorrow morning.  A few hours later, the internet c ...

Level 1: Cadet

I ordered Telstra cable on the 19th of December and was given an installation date of the 8th of Jan.After staying home and waiting for a technician to come I was told that they didn't need to install the cable into my house and it was all complete I ...

Level 1: Cadet

In Perth, started a few days ago, wont connect to many websites or PS4 chat due to "time out" & "run out of time issues". Happening on all devices, both WIFI & Ethernet, tried resetting the Testra Gateway Modem, made no difference. Anyone else having ...

Level 1: Cadet

email sent to nbn;Could someone please give an update of when Fixed-Line Service Area Module 7CAM-01 will be completed, it has been RFS since 28 Oct 2016 and still nothing has been actioned to homes that are in limbo. Normal ADSL and telephony servic ...

Level 1: Cadet

Using iPhone you can stop the IG8 pty Ltd scam
from on billing you $6.60 each month , by adding 19908908 to your friends list , then block them !!!!

Level 1: Cadet

Hi,ordered nbn online 29/12/17 (self install). Received email and then letter in mail but no gateway has arrived in mail and unable to track order on line using tracking tool. Ref number is NA89105555. Phoned telstra and the person I spoke to gave me ...

Level 1: Cadet

I am so annoyed I have just spoke to Telstra who have been happily overcharging me on my boradband fee for years because I didnt call. When to call they want me to pay a $120 casual fee plan which is ridiculous. I have been a Telstra customer for ove ...

Level 1: Cadet

I have had a land line at this house for 25 years with no problems. Since changing over to NBN I have no home phone most of the day due to drop outs. It seems to work of a night. Telstra have sent 3 different modems and the one I have now has a sim c ...

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