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intermitent disconnects

I am not sure if its co-incidence but since our area has been updated to ADSL2+ my internet consistently drops out each 10 to 15 minutes for at least 1 minutes.


Exceptionally frustrating.


Trying to log a technical fail call is also an issue as Telstra has its own techinical difficulties.


What the @#$% is going on




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Re: intermitent disconnects

I have recently had adsl2+ connected I have in connected through wifi.



I have two laptops both HP one windows vista other windows 8.1 which is only two weeks old for some reason on the new one the internet loses connection

it times out so I close the window n restart still does it then eventually it'll work.

When it is loading something on the internet it takes forever to load then other times really quick? Thanks

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Re: intermitent disconnects



Windows 8.1 has made changes to how it handles internet connections.

The issue relates to the way that Windows 8.1 performs DNS lookups, which differs from all previous versions of Windows OS. This change has exposed a timing/race condition bug within the Technicolor gateway firmware, and results in some webpages failing to load.

So if you have a TG797n V3 you will have problems.



see Changing DNS setting


This has worked for me

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