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redirect to http://mymodem.modem when try to some weblinks


I use NBN through telstra smart modem gen 2.

recently, when I try some weblinks, it redirect to http://mymodem.modem.  I happens in different devices in different webs. For example, i try in my iPad, it goes to modem page, but in my phone it’s fine. I can login in a movie website through the iPad but redirect to modem page when try another pad. Now I can only login to through computer, not phone and other pads.

How to solve it?

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Re: redirect to http://mymodem.modem when try to some weblinks

Not sure if this will work for you on Apple devices - a friend of mine had the same issue - I restarted his Gen 2 from within the modems GUI screen, then on his Samsung Tablet Web Browser, Cleared Data Cache and History. That seemed to pacify things and he was able to connect to desired web sites. I don't know if the Restart cleared up the DNS server entries in the modem or if the device's DNS Cache had corrupted entries.


Apple Settings/Safari/ Clear History and Web site Data at bottom of page.


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