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telstra nbn cut out


Me and my family have been experiencing telstra NBN dropouts for years now ever since we switched to NBN, and unfortunately where i live there is no other option than to have NBN. we have been through 3 years of contacting telstra and NBN where the same thing has happened every time, the NBN guy comes out checks the speed (upload and download which is fine btw) and does maybe one thing and then leaves, i ask if it will fix the problem and he assures me it will this time but it has never stopped. i cant count the amount of modems we have been through and just last week have changed modems again but this time it has made it much worse. the last modem we had for a while and it would dropout for approx. 2-5 minutes and only after 6pm everyday. when this occurred 2 of the usually green lights would turn white or blue, now with our new modem it drops out all day everyday but only for about 10 seconds maybe every 5 minutes- yes every 5 minutes it drops out. i live with my family and everyone of us relys on a steady internet connection for working or even watching Netflix.

its gotten to the point where i often hotspot my PC from my 4G phone credit which i really need to save but sometimes i have no choice.

i cant explain how frustrating this is everytime it drops out, so I really need to know why this happens to us and if it is something to do with something bigger like wires needing to be changed but it would be too expensive so they wont tell us, or is this just NBN now? although my neighbours dont experience the same thing and everyone in my town has NBN. Smiley Sad


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Re: telstra nbn cut out

You haven't said which type of NBN connection you are on.

I'll assume that you are on an FTTN connection. This type of behaviour is characteristic of a faulty termination at the Node and is usually fixed by the NBN Co technician re-terminating the connection. If the NBN technician was any good, they would have done that anyway, given the symptoms.
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Re: telstra nbn cut out

Our nbn connection type is FTTN
the nbn guy is coming today for like the 5th time this year, im not sure what he will do seeing as he has assured me every time that what he did would work. ill tell him what you replied to me with but am not sure it is part of the procedure they do which makes no sense cause the speed test he does and shows me is all good and "everything is working well" (the speed test is all he knows how to do probably), and i have no idea what else he has left to "fix".
btw i need a steady internet connection for gaming which i also would stream but am no longer able to do that due of our new modem which is beyond the worst one we have ever had
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Re: telstra nbn cut out

Hi, I am a very disappointed customer of Telstra. I have been having poor ADSL2+ service at my property in Point cook Victoria for the last 7 years. Multiple complaints resulted in a case manager being appointed who admitted that point cook is a black spot for broadband internet and because my house is 4.5 km from the exchange (which is archaic and outdated and has not been upgraded for decades) they cannot do anything else about it. They offered to disconnect my connection and were not able to do anything else. They said once I get NBN , things will be ok. Once NBN arrived, I thought I have finally arrived in the promised land.. guess what .. this is just the beginning of HELL. It has been 2 months and NBN is not working. I have escalated to level 2 tech support who told me that the technology that is used to connect NBN FTTC is inherently defective and they will do their best but NBN are not co-operating with their requests. I am now stuck between 2 service providers ISP and the nbn line provider who are not co-operating with each other and i am left high and dry in the middle. Telstra could not give me a deadline for resolution of my problem. The line is dropping out at 10 times per hour. The telstra modem does not work. I cannot use any of my streaming devices. I am resorting to using data on my mobile to check my email on my laptop. This was how I have been welcomed into using so-called upgraded internet technology. I have also been told that I cannot go back to using ADSL2+. Very disappointed..
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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: telstra nbn cut out

No, under the NBN guidelines, due to the requirements of the act, once you have moved from a legacy connection you can't migrate back.

I have seen FTTC working quite well, but it is still a mixed technology and as such will have some variation in results.

There has been no real value in upgrading exchanges for years but since the NBN was started in particular.

Even with FTTP it is hit and miss, if there is an issue you are still at the mercy of nbnco being willing to take the ticket.
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