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why is telstra slowing down my internet speeds...

my smart modem has been on mobile data for a while now, tried resetting modem etc etc

checked for service outages and turns out there is an cable outage in my area.

Yet telstra sent me an abusive text today saying that if i don't 'fix' my modem due to being on mobile data, they will slow me internet speeds down.

How am i supposed to fix my modem if there is an outage in the cable service reaching my house???

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: why is telstra slowing down my internet speeds...

These messages are automatically generated according to how long the 4 G backup has been used and the program monitoring the 4 G backup is not intelligent enough to realize when there is a fault or an outage causing modem to switch to 4 G backup. This might be rectified in the future but at the moment when your service gets slowed ring support and they will be able to remove the throttling by submitting a web form.

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