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wifi keep dropping out

i had 2 technicians come out, new modem sent but still getting wifi disconnection on multiple devices, green lights on modem are all on. wifi just drops out then re connects after few minutes. any idea why?20190221_184648.jpg

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Re: wifi keep dropping out

I'd try disabling band steering on the modem.
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Re: wifi keep dropping out

Which modem do you have and what type of connection (example ADSL, Cable, FTTP, FTTN etc)
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Re: wifi keep dropping out

Is your modem Gen2? They are known to do this on 2.4GHz band with older devices. Had my own share of it with one older but still good enough for the job laptop. Tried all sorts of tweaking of the modem, but never fix it fully... Until I spent $40 and replaced built in WiFi card with new 5GHz capable card and never had a problem again...
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