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92yo father's landline disconnected!

My 92yo father's landline has been disconnected, as Telstra/NBN were supposed to connect him to the NBN.  The NBN has NOT been connected and he now has no landline either.  He is an elderly man living alone and NEEDS a landline so we can contact him.  He also has a MEPAC Medical Alert System which has also been disrupted, and twice last week the MEPAC team were going to send out an ambulance because they couldn't contact him, and the alarms kept tripping because he also didn't have mobile network.  He has had no landline for almost 3 weeks now and we cannot get this resolved. THIS IS EXTREMELY URGENT AS WE CANNOT CONTACT HIM, NOR CAN HE CONTACT US IN AN EMERGENCY!

My sister and I have been trying to solve this issue ... all Telstra need to do is reconnect his landline until they solve the NBN connection problem!!!  

My sister's and my contact with Telstra so far goes like this:

My sister's time line of contact with Telstra:

Late 2018 or Early 2019 -Received letter from Telstra stating NBN is available at <removed for privacy>, and that the home phone will be disconnected if you don’t move to the NBN network soon.

February 2019 – booked an order to connect for March 18th, between 8am-12 noon.  Will phone first
                                Order  1-1929727246337    Did not turn up

March 13th – phoned and told there is a technical issue and further inspection is needed to be carried out on 20th March, they will then contact to advise when needed to be home for installation.  Later booked technician for 18th March.

March 18th – technician booked for home visit between 8am – 12 noon.  Didn't happen.

May 27th – told technician coming.  No need to be home for this visit.

May 31st – Technician coming and required to be home to allow access to inside of home – did not come.

August 27th -  second order placed 1-2172013896461 – did not happen.  Told there will be a new connection date after 30th November.

*****2 x modems sent out – neither modem connected to NBN.  Appointment for technician was arranged for 11th November.

November 7th – Home phone disconnected by Telstra

November 11th – Telstra technician arrived and could not connect to NBN (“No sync”)

Case manager allocated and after email sent to Telstra complaints department and another technician appointment booked.

November 18th – technician booked for between 1pm and 5pm – did not turn up.

November 19th – Case manager phone to re-schedule another appointment for Friday 22nd November between 1 – 5pm

November 21st – Storm went through and all our mobile phone reception has been down since then (Dad has no home line or mobile phone reception now)

November 22nd – FRIDAY - technician did not turn up and no-one contacted us to say why.

November 23rd – Saturday Case manager phoned and asked if he was connected and I told him tech did not turn up and he said phone was working now.  I said ring it and he came back to me and said “it’s not working???” and he will get back to me to reschedule another time for technician to come.


Extra problems since Thursday 21st is that dads MEPAC system is failing because of no mobile coverage

Dad has to contact MEPAC every day between 6am and 11am every day or they will then contact his emergency contacts to do a welfare check.

On Friday 22nd dad pressed his contact button and nothing happened so MEPAC then tried to contact all his emergency contacts.  When  her son went to work, MEPAC got through to him just as they were about to send an ambulance for my father.  Then that evening at 11pm Mepac did manage to get through to me phone and said his alarms were going off and to check on him which we did and woke him up.

Saturday 23rd 3:12pm The same thing just happened so when we come into mobile range the alarms are going off because he pressed them this morning with no reception???  MEPAC team were again about to call an ambulance.


My timeline of contact with Telstra:

I phoned Telstra at 1.40pm 25th November seeking complaints department (Complaint No. 1-2257603756625).  After more than 20 minutes on the phone to Shyam in India, who couldn’t help me, I asked to be put through to someone who can, as my father CANNOT BE WITHOUT A LANDLINE PHONE!  Another 15 minutes on hold Shyam told me I would get a service call back within 24 hours.  I told him this was not satisfactory as we needed an urgent resolution, and that if he couldn’t help me, could he please connect me with someone who could.  He went to his supervisor and then came back and told me someone would call me back within 2 hours.   Completed call at 2.20pm.

Oscar called at 2.28pm to ask me about connections … I advised that both Telstra and NBN technicians have been out to the property and that they had advised Telstra UNABLE TO CONNECT to the NBN.  WE NEED A WORKING LANDLINE UNTIL THIS IS SOLVED!  He said he would arrange an appointment, to which I advised that at least four previous appointments that had been made nobody had turned up!  He said he would get back to me in about 5-10 minutes.  Two hours later I called again, and the lady I spoke to said she would send an urgent email for Oscar to call me.  24 hours later, still no call received.

26/11/19 1.55pm spoke to Lauren, who, after 20 minutes on the phone (mostly on hold), I was transferred and then advised they couldn't help me as I am not authorised account holder of that number.  I can't get authorisation, because I can't call my father (and he can't call me, or Telstra), because he doesn't have a landline!

My father is extremely distressed over this situation, and is awaiting confirmation of medical appointments, test results, and numerous other calls, that he cannot receive!

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Re: 92yo father's landline disconnected!

As this is a public forum and your personal details are here, and have exceeded the edit period, I have asked a moderator to delete the private details.

Crowd Support is not a Customer Service Channel for Telstra, and no one here has account access.


If your relative has a life threatening illness, you can request to be registered as Medical Priority Assistance.  They will accept it in the first instance on face value, and will send you a form your father's doctor should sign and fax it back to a special fax number or post it to a a special address,  You are given 30 days grace to do so.


If you register as Priority Assist, your father will be provided with a free UPS power supply for the smart modem's user for a telephone, in the event of a power failure. It will go for about 4 hours with no internet and no WiFi.   Normal retail is just under $80/00


If your complaint is not being dealt with,  you can write to the CEO's Melbourne complaint office at a much higher level.

You will find this link with a Google search.


If your father had been registered before, he would not have been left without a working phone.


You may also consider a Telstra supplied repeater if with an external antenna, there is at least some signal to create  an in house cell. (Approx installed cost $1600)






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If my advice is a solution, please acknowledge it.

I'm not a Telstra employee.
50 + years exp. in radio comms., eg mobile phones since 1963, two-way radios, base stations, antennas & pagers. Expert in current Telstra Go repeaters & smart antennas.
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Re: 92yo father's landline disconnected!

Thanks for your assistance, but most of your suggestions will not help in this situation.  My father does not have a "life threatening" illness (although 92 years old may qualify as life threatening, lol), but he has illness that reduces his "quality of life", and he lives alone, so a working phone line is important.  


He does not have a modem, or internet, or an NBN connection, so a battery backup for his modem is irrelevant.  Power failure is not the issue, his home line worked fine without power prior to Telstra disconnecting it.


I do not understand what you mean by "If your father had been registered before he would not have been left with a working phone line".  He was registered to upgrade to NBN in February of this year, and technicians did not turn up for appointments, and then in the end Telstra keep trying to tell us the NBN is connected to his premises, however the NBN technicians are telling us (and also telling Telstra) that there is (I think the terminology is) "no sync" or no "link to the Node", and they cannot connect him.  


A Telstra supplied repeater would probably also have been irrelevant as NOBODY in the district had mobile phone reception due to storms that went through the area.  


Thank you for your suggestion regarding contacting Melbourne CEO complaint office, I will write to them today and hopefully get this urgent matter resolved  .

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: 92yo father's landline disconnected!

It sounds like the NBN cutoff was the 7th November 2019. Unfortunately, Telstra has no control over what happened on that date as NBN Co would have ordered the PSTN (old copper) network switched off.


NBN Co should have come and installed teh NBN for your father a long time before that, and it is ridiculous that they didn't (again, outside Telstra's control - all they can do is book an appointment).


You could also lodge a complaint with the TIO (ombudsman) via against NBN Co for their repeated failure to turn up to appointments to install the NBN service.

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