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Adding Contacts to your T-HUB 2 from Whitepages

You can add contacts easily to your T-Hub from white pages searches.


Select the White Pages App from the T-Hub 2:



White Pages opens, select Residential, Business or Government criteria for search , enter the the search criteria and press the search function (magnifying glass).

The Search will result with a map and a person or list of people matching your criteria.




Scroll down using the sides, (not the map) to get the full information:






Now Select “Add to Contacts”

A “Vcard” file will be downloaded to the T-Hub 2:





Select the notifications area in the bottom right of the T-Hub 2 screen to pop up the menu:




Now Select the vcard that you wish to import to your contacts.

A selection screen will appear asking which account you wish to import to, if you have multiple accounts registered on the T-Hub 2:





The Vcard will be imported to your contacts.

You will note the name of the person being imported will appear in the notification area also:









That’s all there is to it.

 If you have selected the Bigpond Sync-ML account, the details will be copied to all of the handsets.


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