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Call forward phone calls remotely

Hi all,


I've done a search, but I couldn't really find the answer to my question (most similar posts seem to be about diverting from mobiles).


I work at a small business which operates from my boss's house.  She's going away for a few weeks, and I have the option of working from home some days if I'm not needed physically in the office.  However, I won't necessarily know in advance (that is, I might get up one day and decide to work from home instead of going in).


Is it possible to set up call forwarding remotely?  What I need to be able to do is, from my house, forward the work phone to my mobile for the day, and then cancel the call forward at the end of the day.  There won't be anyone else in the office to do this for me on site.


Is it possible to do this by calling the work number and entering in some codes, or something similar?


Thank you!

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Re: Call forward phone calls remotely

Good morning,


To the best of my knowledge, I am 99.9%  sure that you can't.

Thank you


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Re: Call forward phone calls remotely

it is possible if you business is running a DOT service.  (digital business)

you can log in online and change call forwarding among a host of other features

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