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Home phone redirects mobile phones to 1300 number

Our home phone hasnt been able to receive mobile phone calls since March of last year.
called numerous times
went though numerous checks and tests with the telstra team, nbn team and back of house in telstra i think they called it
told once it was the phone so we bought a new phone
still having issues
was told it was the modem next and that they were going to send us a modem with a box so we can send the old one back.
Still haven't received the modem, been atleast 5 months since they said that.
Hoping i can deal with this issue here as being on the phone with telstra for two issues that have gone on for so long and i just get  confused telstra team members not knowing how to help me or saying there sending something and it never comes.or i say our phone cant recieve mobile calls, then they call on  landline and go whats wrong?
just told you its mobiles not landlines but have to say that 3 times until it sinks in then they dont know what to do.just so exhausted from it.
our home number is a 0266 number and the number the mobiles get redirected to is  1300 258 375. 
thanks in advance for anyone being able to help.

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Re: Home phone redirects mobile phones to 1300 number

I'd recommend raising a complaint. You can raise a complaint here
For Official Support Chat Now, try the Online Troubleshooter, check for Outages or Raise a Complaint.

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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Home phone redirects mobile phones to 1300 number

Hi @DarrinNorman


I'm sorry for any inconvenience experienced with your home phone service. 


If you ever have a fault, it's best to report this to on 132203 (or 1800 8342 273 if your phone is connected via NBN).


If they're unable to resolve on the call, they'll escalate or if you have any difficulty getting this investigated, please raise a complaint via the link 343GuiltySpark provided.


Upon submitting you will receive a reference that looks similar to SR 1-XXXXXXXXXXXXX & can expect contact within 5 business days.


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