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Homeline Plans

I have a 'Homeline Smart' plan and when checking the Telstra website to see what the various call charges are for this plan, cannot find 'Homeline Smart' among the list of Homeline plans.  Any clues?

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Re: Homeline Plans

Hello and welcome to the forums Smiley Happy


I hope that the below answers your question



Your minimum monthly charge includes $100 worth of eligible calls,
which are:
• local calls
• national calls to fixed line numbers
• calls to Australian mobiles
Any unused allowance expires at the end of each bill cycle.
The following feature is also included at no additional charge:
• Telstra Home Messages 101®

You’ll need to pay additional charges for calls and SMS if you go over
your included calls allowance and for call types not included in your
plan. The main charges are:
• call connection fee 45¢ per call (for national calls to fixed
line numbers and calls to mobiles and
international numbers)
• local calls 30¢ per call
• calls to 13 numbers 35¢ per call, except for calls to 13 2000,
13 2200, 13 2203, 13 2999, 13 3933 and
13 7663, which are free
• national calls to 80¢ per minute block
fixed line numbers
• calls to Telstra mobiles 80¢ per minute block
• calls to non-Telstra 80¢ per minute block
• standard national SMS 1¢ per message sent, per recipient

These charges are also used to calculate your usage for the
calls included in your plan. These call types exclude some usage.
For example, national calls to fixed line numbers doesn’t include calls
to premium numbers (eg 19xx numbers), 1234 and 12 456 numbers.
Calls to satellite numbers are charged differently to standard
mobile call rates. Charges for these calls can be found at


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Re: Homeline Plans

In case you want to keep a copy for yourself.



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Re: Homeline Plans

All I want is to see a choice of plans on the site, so I can compare, the different plans to include my choices, I've been hunting for a simple page to view!!