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How to Configure Call Control

If you want to stay on top of your call costs, or several people are sharing your phone, you can use Call Control to set a range of barring levels for outgoing call types – including national, international, 190X or local calls.


You can even restrict all outgoing calls, while having 000 remain available for emergencies. You can you turn this feature off easily if you need to make a call that would normally be barred by Call Control, then enable it again after the call.


Order this feature: Call Sales between 8am-9pm AEST: 1800 676 442



How to use it


To turn on Call Control: * 33 Pin #


To turn off Call Control: # 33 Pin #


To check if Call Control is on or off: *# 33 # Announcement


You need to activate your PIN on your home phone before you can use Call Control.

Your default PIN is the last 4 digits of your home phone number.


To change your PIN: * 30 OldPIN * NewPin * NewPin # Announcement 


A monthly charge applies.


Reverse Charge calls can still be accepted regardless of the level of barring.


Call Control is not available if you have a home phone service on the NBN.


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