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I can not get the phone is my only Telstra said just call this number !

I have had six weeks of this off and on service...The first thing Queen Street Store asked was if I had paid the Bill...That personally was an insult...No one wanted to help me and I waited 40 minutes for assistance...The nice kid was Dan...1st thing he said to me was he had never done this before...Oh Good....The total incompetence of a Company I use and have Shares it????

This is scary..Now it is over 5 days...still no Phone and no Help....and the Voice in India that I had to wait on line for over two hours to hear him tell me ...We will do something Friday am(what year)

But, I would have to wait to hear from them....Smoke signals...remember the issue is the only Phone I have doesn't work????? Telstra would send me a Mobile Phone for the time I have no

Phone....and when would that get here??? 7 to 10 working days......These folk need something....

Any suggestions......Jane

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Level 16: Special Agent
Level 16: Special Agent

Re: I can not get the phone is my only Telstra said just call this number !

Hi - sorry to see you in this position. Were you given a Case Manager and  an Incident Number Reference like SR- 1 XXXXXXXXXXXXX? I find that the on-line Telstra Chat service works well at times for follow up.

There is also a Complaints process that is available through this web link.

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